Strategic Planning

Every brand needs a

strategic roadmap.

If you don’t know how your hospital defines itself, how can you give anyone a clear reason to chooseit? A concise business strategy allows you to focus your marketing on what makes you truly unique. It gives you a roadmap to effectively navigate the payment models, competitor encroachments andconsolidations that plague healthcare today.

KMI can help you find that focus, design that roadmap, and maximize your efforts on the points thatare most critical to your success.

We believe…

in the power of planning.

That’s why we lead with strategy. It’s key to everything we do, from strategy that defines your business, to strategy that informs your creative and media planning.

An on-target strategic plan saves you money, time and effort. It shows you how to compete and winagainst regional competitors. In short, it’s the key to your hospital’s business success.

in the power of positioning.

Differentiation is the core of your business strategy. It positions you realistically against yourcompetition, allowing you to fight for patient volumes on your own battlefield and give consumers acompelling reason to choose you for their healthcare needs.

in the power of research.

Realistic positioning starts with intelligence. KMI gathers all the data you need to put togethera winning business strategy. It eliminates guesswork and guides decision making by collecting input from both internal and external sources; from senior leadership and physicians tocommunity members and your competition.

Research shines a klieg light on gaps between internal and external perceptions, allowing us tocraft a way forward that’s built on a solid foundation of data. It also encourages buy-in and keeps your marketing on track (and on budget) with measurable progress and goals.

in the power of the patient.

KMI puts the patient at the core of our strategic planning. We view all your strengths and challenges through a patient-centric lens that’s informed by research and our 20+ years of healthcare expertise.

A patient’s perceptions drive their healthcare choices. Your care may be exceptional, but thoseperceptions are that patient’s reality. Your marketing must address those perceptions in order to wintheir trust and business.

in the power of community healthcare.

You’re in the best position to know the healthcare needs of the community you serve. We believe that when healthcare decisions are made locally, they’re driven by caring and not corporate profits. That’s why we’re so committed to helping community hospitals discover their strategicstrengths, remain independent and thrive.


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