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When you’re competing against larger regional health systems, you need the advantage of professional market research. Nothing informs your campaign (or sells it up the ladder) like robust data. By helping you truly understand your consumer, research makes your job easier and your campaigns far more effective.


communications. Research reveals how to reach current patients as well as future prospects. Learn where and how you’re most likely to get their attention and communicate in a way that engages their emotions.


opportunities. Chances are you’ll find new ways of reaching your audience, gaps in their knowledge of you, and even untapped markets your hospital can fill.


risk. Facts keep you focused on real opportunities rather than wasting time, money and effort on marketing initiatives that don’t work.

How we get the information (and results) you need.

KMI uses a broad range of research tools to gain market insight, create strategic plans, encourage internal buy-in, test creative and measure results.

  • Focus groups
  • Patient satisfaction studies
  • Industry and consumer ad spending data
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Phone and online surveys
  • Image and awareness studies
  • Competitor profiles
  • Demographic and psychographic profiles
  • Target audience media profiles

From demographics to DRGs.

We dive into demographic and psychographic databases for insight into your patient population. We blend that with your own information (for instance, volume data by DRG and physician or image and awareness studies) to benchmark your brand against your competition and inform our strategic planning.

NeuroMarketing research digs even deeper.

If you want to fully understand what drives consumers’ attitudes and behaviors, you’ll need more than traditional market research methods. Traditional tools like consumer surveys and focus groups assume that consumers consciously articulate their preferences. Yet we know that the majority of thoughts occur in our subconscious minds. In other words, consumers don’t choose rationally. That’s where NeuroMarketing comes in.

NeuroMarketing uses neuroscience to reveal subconscious consumer decision-making processes. Using neuroscience tools like EEG, fMRI and eye tracking, it gives us unprecedented insight into your marketing materials and a perfect roadmap for creative revisions that drive ROI.

Get the answers you need to compete.

Hard data gives you a competitive edge against larger, better funded hospitals and budgets. Market research improves communications, lowers your risk, and boosts the power of every marketing dime.


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