The science behind

hospital marketing that gets results.

Ever wish you could crawl inside a potential patient’s head and push their personal “Like” button? You can with NeuroMarketing. Knox uses this field of research to test how well your marketing materials connect with consumers on a deeply emotional level. It gives us unprecedented insight into your materials and a perfect roadmap for creative revisions that drive ROI.

The mind tells all

It's that emotional connection that promises measurable results.

Neuroscientists know that 90% of our decisions take place in our subconscious where emotion, not intellect, drives our choices. (That’s particularly true of local healthcare choices, which are often driven by anxiety and preconceptions about community hospitals vs. larger health systems.) That emotional connection burrows deep into our reptilian brains, exciting our attention and stimulating memory so we retain ad messages longer. Bottom line, NeuroMarketing helps us create authentic, emotional bonds between your hospital’s brand and your community, encouraging your neighbors to act.

Here's how it works.

We hook up participants to tools that measure what’s happening inside their brains, then show them TV spots, websites, digital ads, you name it. It allows us to observe their real-time, subconscious responses to your marketing materials, revealing what they can’t or won’t express through traditional research methods.

Here's why it works.

Most decisions are made in the subconscious where memory and emotion rule. We think we make decisions with our heads, but NeuroMarketing research shows that we actually make them in our subconscious first and rationalize them afterwards.

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