Healthcare Expertise

We know how to help

community hospitals

compete and thrive.

KMI offers more than 20 years of proven expertise in helping independent community hospitals fight encroachment from larger hospital systems. That highly focused, results-driven experience assures you’ll get the results you need to maintain and grow your market share.

Our expertise covers all service lines, branding initiatives and physician recruitment efforts. From board members and marketing departments to service line managers and physicians, we’ve worked with every tier of healthcare organizations like yours.

Most importantly, we’re all about results. We know exactly what works and use that knowledge to maximize your marketing budget.

Walking the talk

Our marketing programs are built on sound strategy.

It starts with an airtight business strategy, finding the differentiator that makes you stand out from your competition. That informs a creative strategy that resonates with your healthcare consumers, speaks their language, and drives them to take action. Finally, we devise a media strategy that effectively reaches patients with the right message at the right time to direct their buying journey and drive patient volumes.

We speak your language.

Too often, clinical jargon leaves patients scratching their heads. We know how to communicate with your clinicians, ask them the right questions, and translate their clinical story into messaging that resonates meaningfully with consumers.

“We know what works

and what doesn’t.”

We know your healthcare consumer.

We’ve conducted thousands of interviews with healthcare consumers. Thanks to those studies, we know what drives their decisions and how to create campaigns that motivate them to act.

We know what works and what doesn’t. We mine years of creative testing to back up every recommendation we make.

We make our process easy for you.

Great work takes close collaboration. We see ourselves as an extension of your own marketing team, providing responsive and thoughtful support where and when you need it.

We also understand your challenges, from the pressures of physicians and senior leadership, to time and budget constraints, to the limited resources of your marketing staff. We have the knowledge and depth to keep projects moving.

Our data-driven approach drives better results.

Never wonder whether our work is working. Once a campaign is launched, we set up tracking to measure its ongoing effectiveness and optimize it for continuous improvement. The bottom line: better results mean a better marketing ROI.


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