Digital Marketing

Essential to incerasing

patient volumes

For hospitals your size, digital marketing presents many advantages. Most important of these is driving patient engagement and helping bring them to your physicians’’ doors.

We know digital marketing success means targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time. Because our programmatic solution is also a Data Management Platform, we have access to over 300,000 different audience attributes. We can target your warmest patient prospects based on where they live, past visits, and related healthcare data… all without violating HIPAA regulations.

Making an impact

Targeting your warmest prospects eliminates wasteful ad spending.

We use sophisticated targeting techniques, incorporating 1st party and 3rd party data that ensure you’re reaching healthcare consumers at the right time in the right place. We have access to 95% of the internet inventory to effectively target the healthcare consumer as they journey across the net.

Our integrated approach leverages the full power of digital marketing for you.

A great digital campaign starts with a great digital strategy. Our digital strategic process ensures that we combine the right mix of digital tactics to generate maximum results. Using multiple digital tactics lifts the performance of each one, delivering a sum that’s truly greater than its parts. That’s why we craft all our plans to make full use of digital tactics, creating a synergistic impact that dramatically improves results.

Improve your Return on Ad Spend while
collecting valuable real-time marketing data.

Reach patients throughout their buying journey.

As patients move through their healthcare buying journey, they need different information at each stage. Our approach aligns the information they need with the information we deliver to them… helping them move towards a conversion.

Level the playing field and maximize your ROI.

When you’re competing against deep-pocketed competitors, digital marketing gives you a cost-effective method of competing effectively without having to match the ad spend of your competitors. It can

Tap into our healthcare knowledge to supercharge your digital campaign.

We use our healthcare experience to enhance our audience targeting and deliver you the ideal healthcare prospect. This increases conversion rates and eliminates wasteful ad spend.

Email creates engagement across service lines.

Email is a simple yet effective channel tactic for creating engagement for a variety of service lines and turning prospects into patients. Our team of email marketing specialists carefully craft and deploy email campaigns that connect with your service line prospects to drive appointments and procedures.

Paid Search Tactics and Capabilities:

  • Keyword selection strategy
  • Ad text creative and wordsmithing
  • Tuning with negative keywords
  • Geo-targeting
  • Landing page analysis and feedback
  • Campaign analysis and insights
  • Campaign management
  • Keyword retargeting with display

Programmatic Solutions:

  • Display
  • Audio streaming
  • In-banner video
  • Pre-roll video
  • Connected TV
  • OTT
  • Addressable
  • Geo-targeting

Social Media:

  • D Paid
  • Organic

SEO Tactics and Capabilities:

  • SEO audits
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Link building
  • Blog post content review and optimization
  • Social content review and optimization
  • Website content review and optimization

SEO Tactics and Capabilities:

  • Audience and CRM targeting strategy
  • Design and content development
  • Set up, monitor, and optimize email campaigns through platform and Google Analytics
  • Create end-to-end conversion tactics that include landing pages, form fills, lead gen, and eCommerce programs
  • Integration with most CRM systems