increases preference

and market share.

If your hospital is competing for market share and battling encroachment from other healthcare systems, it’s imperative that you develop a strong brand. Done right, smart branding can have a tremendous impact on preference, influencing healthcare consumers to choose you for their care. KMI can help you create a brand that connects emotionally with your consumers and positions you for success in your, and maximize your efforts on the points that are most critical to your success.

Stand Out

Larger regional health systems have an innate advantage.

Many times, healthcare consumers believe that “bigger is better.” And since perception is reality, larger regional health system brands have a built-in advantage. Consumers believe that because a regional health system is larger, they’ll receive better clinical care at its facilities. They assume a regional system offers the latest technology and more credentialed physicians, not realizing they can get the same level of care close to home.

Your brand can level that playing field.

KMI has decades of experience fighting the “bigger is better” perception with smart, data-driven
branding solutions. We can help you create a brand that’s authentic to who you are; that inspires and influences consumers to make you their healthcare provider of choice. That’s because strong brands have the power to build market share, attract and keep patients, and ultimately help you compete and win in your marketplace.

“Make sure you’re competing in a way you can win”

Brands built on a solid foundation ensure long-term success.

We lay the groundwork for your brand strategy by gathering data from external and internal research
as well as competitive and marketplace analyses. We look at all relevant data to thoroughly understand your consumers, internal audiences and competition, then provide insights based on that data. The better the data, the better the insights and the stronger your brand.

It’s a proven process that effectively positions your hospital against your competition and makes sure you’re competing in a way you can win.

We provide a stress-free brand process for you.

Branding is one of the most misunderstood terms in marketing. We find that most people (even many marketing professionals) are unsure about what constitutes a strong brand. They know when it they see it, but they often lack the background and process to create a formidable brand.

With over 20 years of healthcare branding expertise, KMI has created dozens of brands that effectively compete in markets just like yours. We make the branding process stress-free and guide you through every step of your branding strategy. We also help guide your senior leadership through the process so that your brand ownership starts at the very top.

Turn your entire hospital staff into brand ambassadors.

Your brand can live and die on the front lines of your patient experience. To ensure you’re delivering your brand promise throughout your organization, your marketing staff and every hospital employee needs to internalize your brand and understand how to live that brand promise in every touchpoint with consumers.

We help you do that through an internal brand roll-out to your staff that includes training and communications. We also create a solid brand platform for all communications, collateral and PR materials so everyone’s speaking in a single, clear brand voice.


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